5 Reasons Musical Theatre is so Popular Today

You’ve probably come across a famous saying ‘There is no business like show business’, and this holds true even today. In recent years, they call it a trend or increase in the passion for theatre, the popularity increase of musical theatre dance classes, the number of theatre artists and the theatre industry, including Broadway theatre has shown drastic improvement from the past five years. But now the question arises, why this drastic improvement all of a sudden?

Talent Shows

Nowadays, every other Television channels host a talent show. Be it ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘India has Got Talent’ or any other reality talent shows have majority focused on enhancing the talents of individuals and recognizing them in the forefront. This has had a significantly good impact on the people watching the shows as they also want to achieve something. Hence people interested in musical theatres are on the rise and the love for literature will take them to far off places.



Theoretically, movies need to reduce the amount and intensity of theatre and theatre artists, especially musicals. But somehow, due to the increase in support and encouragement from the film industry, the musical theatre industry has only seen a rise. Popular movies like the Phantom of the Opera, dream Girls and the Oscar-winning movie Chicago were all plays that were explicitly written for stage and theatre. Another reason is that most actors and actresses, especially from India, have a background of theatrical performances before their hits in movies. Hence, the movie industry welcomes and encourages people from rel=dofollowthe theoretical background.

Use of cross musical genres

The musical theatres, especially in today’s generation targets and highly the style for modern-day audiences and are basically conceptual musicals that talk about real-life issues. Such theatrical musical interest the crowds and hence there is an increased fan following and a huge fan base in recent years. Shows like We will rock you have appealed to a wide range of audiences, and hence they’ve considered themselves musical fans, over just one show or play.



In recent years, with social status and the recession season, it isn’t easy always to catch a movie. Sometimes, in cities like Vegas, it’ll cost a fortune for constant entertainment from the film. However, this too has a silver lining as most of the musical shows offer coupons and other discounts and deals to a fantastic reduced price, to encourage people to learn the art of musical plays and welcome them in. This worked well as the house is always full and more and more people re just diving in to witness the talk of the growing popularity.

Reminds them of History

Although we’re living in a world equipped with all the necessities required for luxury living n the humans, we’re all still hooked to the past and hence learning about the past is a favourite pastime for many. It talks about various issues in the past and how people dealt with them.